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After signing up, you can activate your account by completing your E-Mail and SMS verification. You can also increase the security of your Arsinex account with a second protection shield by activating the Google Authenticator.

You can view the account activities in your Arsinex account with hour, day, device and IP address details.

Arsinex uses only “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” E-Mail addresses. Ignore any other E-Mail addresses that contact you and claim to be from Arsinex.

Arsinex ecosystem includes 2 web addresses. "arsinex.com" where you can easily carry out your crypto transactions, and "arsinex.net" where you can learn all the information about the crypto ecosystem with Arsinex Campus. Do not trust any site claiming to be Arsinex other than these addresses.

Your Arsinex account is protected with the most up-to-date security technologies. Apart from the 2FA and Google Authenticator security layers, you can find security tips that will increase your account security here.

  • The minimum deposit amount in Arsinex is 50 TL
  • When sending from the same bank, dont forget to send with the account number
  • If you are using the same bank for your deposits to Arsinex bank accounts, make sure to select the “Transfer to another account” option.
  • Don't forget to add the reference code to Description (To) section. If the refernce code is not written, the deposited amount will be sent back after the bank commission is deducted.
  • At Arsinex, you can deposit 24/7 through contracted banks, and during working hours from other banks.
  • You can deposit cryptocurrencies 24/7.

  • If the name-surname information of the IBAN number is different, no money will be deposited into your account but the transaction fee will be deducted from your account
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 TL. Withdrawal limits are 100,000 TL per day for KYC verified accounts; For accounts with KYC and address verification, it is 150,000 TL per day. The monthly withdrawal limit is 1,000,000 TL
  • At Arsinex, you can withdraw 24/7 through contracted banks and during working hours from other banks
  • You can withdraw cryptocurrencies 24/7.

If your balances are not visible in your wallet and you think someone else has accessed your account, contact us by calling 444 44 05 or writing to [email protected] Apart from this, your balance may not be reflected in your wallet, especially in cash deposit-withdrawal transactions, as deposit/withdrawal requests may be delayed due to banks. In cryptos, on the other hand, your balance may not appear in your wallet or the numbers may be different, as your buy-sell order is not fulfilled, your withdrawal-deposit request has not been approved by the network yet, or it may be delayed in case of network traffic.

Your total balance is reflected by calculating the nominal value of the cryptos in your wallet at that moment. Therefore, as the market value of your cryptocurrencies changes, your total balance changes according to the current figures.

In order to make transactions on Arsinex.com, you must complete the KYC verification. KYC verification is required both to ensure your account security and to confirm the accuracy of the information you provide, and all financial institutions take security measures in this way.

In order to increase your transaction limits and in case of a possible malicious transaction, we want Address Verification to be done so that we can assist you better. The personal data you share with Arsinex is stored on private servers within the framework of legal obligations and third parties do not have access to this information.

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