KYC Policy

Arsinex aims to provide the best and reliable service to its customers in accordance with the laws in force.

The purpose of the Arsinex Know Your Customer Policy (“KYC Policy”); created in this context; To reduce risk by evaluating customers, transactions and services within Arsinex with a risk-based approach; Raising awareness of the employees and obtaining information about the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and in this context, informing customers that the Company carries out its activities in accordance with the current legislation, especially the Law on the Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds of Crime No. 4/2008, dated January 14, 2008.

Within the scope of this KYC Policy; Customers, for whom a recognition policy is operated in order to carry out their activities in accordance with the laws in force, refers to natural and legal persons who are members of the platform ("Site") accessed from and benefit from the services offered on the Site and accept the matters in this KYC Policy in return. (“Customer”).

Arsinex, has prepared this KYC Policy in accordance with international standards and applicable legislation.

1. ID Authentication

In accordance with this KYC Policy, Arsinex applies the following measure within the framework of the applicable legislation and other internal policies.

  • Customer authentication.
  • Taking measures to identify the beneficiary as a result of the Client's transactions.
  • Obtaining satisfactory information about the purpose and nature of the transaction the Customer wishes to take.
  • Monitoring the Customer and the transactions performed by the Customer throughout the customer relations and comparing with the Customer profile.
  • Monitoring high-risk Customers, transactions and other customers that require particular attention.Within the framework of the KYC Policy, the Customer identity will be completed before the service relationship is established between the Customer and Arsinex or before the Customer takes any action. While establishing a service relationship between the Customer and the Company, information will be obtained about the purpose of the Customer to become a member of the Company's Site, the transactions to be made on this Site, and the matters intended. The customer authentication procedure will be operated in the following cases.
  • Regardless of the monetary amount, when establishing any kind of service relationship; Moreover
  • If the total amount of a single crypto currency transaction or multiple linked transactions is equal to or more than 1,000,000 TL;
  • If the total amount of a single cryptocurrency exchange or multiple linked transactions is equal to or more than 1,000,000 TL;
  • In cases requiring suspicious transaction reporting within the framework of the current legislation, regardless of the monetary amount
  • Regardless of the monetary amount, if there is any doubt about the accuracy and adequacy of the previously acquired identity information;

In cases where the Customer requesting a transaction on the site performs the said transaction for the benefit of a third party; The identity verification of both the Customer requesting the transaction and the third party for whose benefit the transaction is performed is performed.

The Customer declares that he is acting on his own behalf; however, in cases where it is suspected of acting in the interest of a third party, Arsinex takes all measures to identify the real beneficiary.

Arsinex, in accordance with the current legislation, on the Site and in any environment; The documents will be kept for 12 years from the date of issue and the information regarding identification will be kept for 12 years from the date of the last transaction and will be submitted to official institutions if requested.

2. Customers for whom a Service Relationship will not be Established

Pursuant to Arsinex's KYC Policy, it will not establish any service relationship with Customers with the following characteristics.

  • Customers who want to create user accounts with anonymous or fake names
  • Customers who refuse to provide required information and documents
  • Customers in the lists published by international institutions and organizations (OFAC, EU, UN, HMT, etc.) on laundering proceeds of crime and terrorism.
  • In cases where authentication is not committed or sufficient information is not provided about the purpose of the service relationship.
  • Customers who have a negative record of terrorism financing and related financial crimes (fraud, counterfeiting, organized crime, etc.) in Arsinex's internal information system for money laundering,
  • Illegal betting, gambling transactions

3. Customers to be Taken Some Precautions Before Establishing a Service Relationship

As a result of Arsinex's risk-based approach to Customers, Customers and transactions with the following characteristics are defined in the high risk category and will be subjected to a detailed review process.

  • Politically influential persons
  • Non-profit organizations (Associations, Foundations, Charities, etc.)
  • Natural persons in countries or regions where crypto currency activities are prohibited and highly restricted
  • High volume transactions

For the above-mentioned Customers and transactions, permission must be obtained from the Company's senior manager before establishing a service relationship or taking the relevant transaction. Before establishing a service relationship with the customers, information should be provided on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and in this context, it should be ensured by using public resources that no investigation has been initiated against any official institution or that a relevant investigation has not been initiated and a penalty has been imposed. For detailed information, you can contact us at [email protected].


AML Policy


Arsinex Yazılım Teknoloji Ltd.Şti.("Arsinex") is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in accordance with the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and continues its commercial life in full compliance with the laws.


The aim of Arsinex is to prevent and prevent this crime by complying with the law and relevant legislation that determines the procedures and principles to be applied in the prevention of laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism. The purpose of this policy is to establish the general framework by Arsinex to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. The aim of Arsinex Anti-Money Laundering Policy is to reduce risk, to reduce the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism by evaluating the transactions and services of Arsinex customers, (“real and/or legal persons who are members of the website and benefiting from the services offered on the website”) with a risk-based approach. To prevent the creation of an environment that will facilitate is to notify customers of what has been done in accordance with the legislation. Arsinex is committed to high standards of money laundering and compliance with the financing of terrorism (“AML Policy”) and aims to ensure that its management and employees comply with these standards in preventing the use of its products and services for money laundering or terrorist financing.

3.Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

The "Law on the Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds of Crime", which was unanimously accepted at the Thirty-One Meeting of the Assembly of the Republic of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on January 14, 2008, is announced by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by publication in the Official Gazette in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 94 of the Constitution.

Money Laundering

Money laundering crime can be defined as any action taken to hide the illegal source of revenues from predicate crimes and to make these revenues appear as if they were obtained from a legal source. Financing of Terrorism It refers to the willful direct or indirect collection or acquisition of financial resources, in any form, to commit terrorist acts or knowingly and willingly that they will be used to commit terrorist acts.

4.AML Protocol

Arsinex has prepared its AML Policy in accordance with international standards and applicable legislation.

4.1.Know Your Customer and Verify

Formal identification of customers at entry into business relationships is a vital element of both money laundering regulations and KYC policy.
Arsinex takes the following measures in accordance with the applicable legislation in accordance with the Policies it implements.

  • Authenticate the customer
  • Taking measures to identify the beneficiary as a result of the customer's transactions
  • Detection of whether someone has acted on behalf and/or on behalf of someone else
  • Obtaining satisfactory information about the purpose and nature of the transaction that the customer wishes to perform.
  • Monitoring the Customer and the customer's transactions and customer relations and comparing with the Customer profile

Monitoring high-risk Clients transactions and other clients that require particular attention.

4.2.Risk Assessment

Legal regulations regarding the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing require financial institutions to take a risk-based approach in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Risk assessment is a critical part of the Arsinex AML Protocol. Although there are certain procedures followed by Arsinex, these procedures are audited by Arsinex's own internal audit. It is of primary importance for Arsinex that the current AML Policy works in the best way possible. The measures taken in order to achieve the intended goals are listed as follows;

  • Checking, completing and updating customer information and documents
  • To store the written and mandatory information to be kept regarding the purchase, sale and transfer of cryptocurrencies
  • To monitor whether a transaction performed by the customer is in accordance with the information about the transaction in question
  • Analysis of whether transactions made by customers exceed a predetermined limit or are consistent with the customer profile
  • Analysis of whether transactions made by customers exceed a predetermined limit or are consistent with the customer profile
  • Monitoring and control of complex and unusual transactions
Customer profile in the high risk group;

Customers who have doubts about the accuracy and adequacy of their previously acquired credentials,
Customers who have doubts about the accuracy and adequacy of their previously acquired credentials,
Customers performing unusual transactions for economic or any apparent legitimate purpose, customers performing complex transactions that have the potential to obscure third party beneficiaries, and/or customers whose funds cannot be easily verified.

4.3.Suspicious Transaction Notification

Within the framework of the services it provides, Arsinex is reported to the Financial Information Unit and the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, in accordance with the current legislation, regardless of the amount of transactions determined as suspicious transactions as a result of the necessary investigations, in cases where there are suspicions about money laundering and financing of terrorism. The real persons who carried out the suspicious transaction and their legal representatives, the managers and personnel who do not comply with the obligation to report the suspicious transaction will be responsible for all kinds of legal, administrative and criminal sanctions. The definition of suspicious transaction includes the acquisition of the assets subject to the transaction illegally as well as their use for illegal purposes, thus preventing the financing of terrorism (including its relatedness). Transactions that do not have legitimate legal or economic purposes. Transactions where the Customer avoids or is reluctant to provide information and documents. Transactions that are required to be reported for the obligations defined in the applicable legislation. Transactions in which customers provide misleading and unverifiable information. Transactions made with accounts in regions where the buying, selling and clearing of cryptocurrencies are prohibited or restricted, and transactions not listed here and deemed/will be deemed suspicious under the applicable legislation will be identified and reported by Arsinex.


All of our employees and officers receive continuous broad-based AML training as well as position-specific training. They must repeat this training at least every twelve (12) months to ensure they are knowledgeable and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. New employees receive training within thirty (30) days from the date of employment. All documents related to eligibility training are retained, including materials, tests, results, attendance and date. In addition, our compliance training program is updated as necessary to reflect current laws and regulations.

4.5.Periodic Internal Audit

The audit mechanism regularly generates reports on AML activities and presents them to the board of directors. Arsinex periodically audits whether its activities related to laws, regulations and communiqués against money laundering and terrorism financing are in compliance with the current legislation, Arsinex policies and procedures.

Privacy Policy

As Arsinex Software and Technology Company ("Our Company"), it is our priority to protect the personal data of our customers or third parties ("Users") who use any of our web services and digital resources, and to establish transparency and mutual trust in these matters.

Our web address or its extensions and [email protected] online and digital channels such as when you visit our social media pages and/or digital channels, use our services and products or benefit from our support services. Your personal data, which we save and share with us electronically, by automatic and/or non-automatic methods, will be used first to ensure that your requests are fulfilled and then to provide you with a better service.

You can find more detailed information about the processing of your personal data by Arsinex in the section on Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy. If you are included in our approved database, you will be able to send messages for promotion, marketing and promotional activities regarding the products and services offered by our Company, and you will be able to be informed about all developments. If you do not want to receive messages sent by our company, for example, by using the right to refuse; 'If you do not want to receive any e-mails regarding the promotion of new products and services from and/or our site, please click here.' By clicking on the link, you can unsubscribe from our list of the relevant channel.


The information provided on this website is provided "as is", as available. Our site does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy and completeness of this information and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this information. Not violating the rights of third parties with this information; makes no warranties and/or warranties, implied, express or legal, including, but not limited to, warranties of ownership, fitness for a particular purpose, and/or computer virus free.

Including direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses arising as a result of any performance failure, error, deficiency, interruption, defect, delay in operation and/or transmission, computer virus and/or line and/or system failure during the use of this website. including but not limited to any loss or damage, even if our site and/or its employees have been informed of the possibility of such damage and loss. The risk of both the sites linked from this website and the links to other websites belongs to the user. The accuracy of the information given on these sites and the quality of other links provided from these sites have not been investigated and verified by our site. The right to change all products and services, pages, information and visual elements on our site and/or its extensions and/or website without prior notice is reserved.


The commission rates applied to the transactions carried out on Arsinex are given in the table below.

Transactions between cryptos: Crypto to fiat transactions:
%0.2 %1.5

Arsinex does not charge any fee for crypto withdrawal transactions. The fee applied in crypto withdrawal transactions belongs entirely to the withdrawal network and is determined by the network.

Arsinex applies a fixed fee of 15 TL for withdrawals made in fiat currencies. Apart from this, the commission fee charged by banks in withdrawal transactions varies between banks and this fee does not belong to Arsinex .

General Risk Statement on Crypto Assets

This Risk Information has been prepared for you to learn about the risks associated with Crypto Assets. Transactions in Crypto Assets may result in significant financial losses. As a result of your buying and selling transactions in Crypto Assets, you may gain profit or incur losses, and you may lose all of your investments. Therefore, before deciding to execute your transactions, you should understand and recognize all the risks in the market; You should decide based on your financial situation.

Market prices for Crypto Assets can fluctuate unpredictably continuously and/or in a very short time. It can rise or, on the contrary, be subject to sharp declines. As a result of the transactions you will perform due to the content of Crypto Assets, you can make a profit as well as a risk of loss. Regarding Crypto Assets, there are risks of cyber-attack, theft, various security breaches, restriction of access to the market, electronic or technological failures, termination of network program, withdrawal of developers from the project, loss of value of crypto assets. Therefore, before you decide to do e-transactions, you should understand the risks you may face in the cryptocurrency market and make a decision considering your financial situation and limitations.

This Risk Statement aims to inform you about some general risks, trading and transfer of Crypto Assets, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Legal Risk, Wallet Risks, special risks regarding the Crypto Asset you will trade, risks arising from the application and services defined in the Terms of Use. It may not cover all possible risks. We recommend that you research and learn about the risks of the Crypto Asset you will trade, review the white paper of the relevant Crypto Asset, and then take action if you find it appropriate.

Crypto Assets are digitally produced, traded, transferred and are a digital representation of a value. Crypto Assets are not local currencies.

Crypto-Assets carry unique risks that differ from traditionally known risks associated with national currencies, commodities, securities or other financial instruments. Unlike national currencies, it is not put into circulation by states or official institutions/organizations, unlike securities, it is not issued by states or public/private institutions/organizations, and unless otherwise stated, there is no underlying asset behind it, and unlike commodities, it does not have physical assets.

Crypto Assets exist on a network (network) which is generally not legally regulated, which is called distributed (decentralized) and is based on transactions that take place between individuals in an anonymous order, and in an end-to-end encrypted structure with cryptographic methods in order to ensure its integrity.

There is no guarantee of liquidity in your Crypto Asset transactions. The type of Crypto-Asset concerned, the network in which the relevant Crypto-Asset is traded, or …. And/or, depending on the market conditions on the Site platform, the liquidity in the relevant Crypto Asset may increase or decrease, or there may not be a liquid market where you can sell your Crypto Asset.

Termination of the network where Crypto Assets are traded, withdrawal of developers from the project, withdrawal of validators (nodes, etc.), depreciation of Crypto Assets, Prohibition of Crypto Assets and / or transactions made in connection with them by any state / official / administrative authorities or legal authorities, There are risks such as the implementation and prevention of measures.

It is possible that your conditional orders will not be executed according to the conditions that will occur in the market such as "Limit Order" or "Stop Order", and at the same time, these order types do not have the possibility or guarantee to limit/limit your losses.

In addition to the above-mentioned risks, it should be known that there is exchange rate risk in foreign currency-denominated Crypto Assets, there may be depreciation due to currency fluctuations, governments may restrict foreign capital and foreign exchange movements and may impose additional and/or new taxes.

The Site does not make any representations or commitments that the listed Crypto Assets will always continue to be traded in the market. Any listed Crypto Assets may be delisted or closed for trading by the Company and/or the Site at the Site's sole discretion and without prior notice.

The Site makes no guarantees or commitments that the markets for any Crypto Assets will be active and liquid. The Site does not provide any advice regarding the legality of Crypto Assets for each user, it is Your responsibility to know and understand the legal practice.

No wallet service is provided by the Company and/or the Site. Your Crypto Assets held by the Company and/or the Site may be kept, mixed and returned in retaliation with the Crypto Assets of the Company and/or other users of the Site platform and/or the Company and/or the Site's own Crypto Assets.

Company and/or Site; It does not make any commitment or guarantee that the Crypto Assets will be available uninterruptedly and at any time, that they are compatible or will remain compatible with any system and hardware of the User, or that they will work uninterruptedly.

At the discretion of the Company and/or the Site, such as ceiling-floor price application, mandatory limit order application, closing market orders, maximum order value limit, which may partially and/or completely hinder or prevent the market performance of the listed Crypto Asset at any time and for as long as it wishes. has the right to take and implement measures.

The Company and/or the Site do not provide wallet services, and unless otherwise stated by the Company and/or the Site, to use the Crypto Assets for staking or bonding purposes, to benefit from the management or voting rights on the network, to distribute (airdrop, fork, etc.) or reward (to obtain) If you want the Crypto Assets to be allocated/distributed as a result of the programs, you must withdraw the relevant Crypto Assets from the accounts in the Company and/or the Site to your own wallet address. For Crypto Assets held in accounts at the Company and/or the Site, participation in the decisions made in the network where the relevant Crypto Asset is traded, exercising the right to vote, benefiting from crypto assets to be allocated/distributed as a result of distribution or reward programs and/or crypto assets to be allocated/distributed to users The Company and/or the Site are authorized to decide ex officio whether to transfer or partially transfer, and the Company and/or the Site do not have any responsibility, guarantee, commitment or liability for damages due to the use of the said authority. In this context, all necessary initiatives must be made by you in order to protect all kinds of rights regarding the Crypto Assets you have transacted.

The Company and/or the Site operates and manages the Crypto Asset trading platform, but is not the counterparty to any of your trading orders, unless otherwise stated, so there is no obligation to ensure that the Crypto Assets you will trade will be traded at the prices determined by you or the prices in the international media. . The purchase and sale prices of Crypto Assets are carried out independently and on the basis of mutual bargaining among the Users, according to their own needs and will. The Company and / or the Site do not have any price guarantees or commitments.

Crypto Assets entail risks such as cyber-attacks, theft, exposure to various security breaches, restriction of market access and impediment or prevention of market performance, electronic or technological failures.

Company and/or Site; It only mediates your Crypto Asset trading and is not the issuer, operator, manager or in any way rights holder of any Crypto Asset.

If the Company and/or the Site have a reasonable suspicion that you have engaged in a suspicious activity, violated the law or the Terms of Use, or for legitimate reasons; may partially or completely freeze your account for a certain period of time or indefinitely, partially and / or completely prevent transfers in your account, close your account, prevent the use of cash or crypto assets in your account by applying measures. In this case, you cannot make transactions in your account or transfer from your account.

There are risks associated with using an internet-based trading system, including but not limited to software and internet connection failure, and it is important that you be aware of this. The Company and/or the Site do not accept responsibility for any communication failures, interruptions, errors, disruptions or delays that you may encounter, for whatever reason, while using the Service or Services offered to you

Your Crypto Asset transfers are non-refundable and non-refundable after they have been made. Therefore, it is Your responsibility to check the accuracy of the wallet address to which you will transfer.

Before starting your transactions, you need to get information about and agree on all commissions, other fees and expenses you will pay. If fees and charges are not expressed in monetary terms, the Company and/or the Site should request a written explanation or statement containing clear examples of how such fees and charges will be charged to you in monetary terms.

This Risk Information Form is an annex and an integral part of the User Agreement that you signed/approved with the Company and/or the Site (ARSINEX YAZILIM TEKNOLOJİ ŞTİ. LTD.).

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